About CareGroups

CareGroups are how we live out our faith in community with the body of Christ. As Christians, we are called to love and support one another. And at Open Door, this happens especially within the CareGroups. Through CareGroups we strengthen one another to live out our faith and grow in the grace and knowledge of God. We have a variety of groups that meet at a variety of times. 

You can learn more about our CareGroup Ministry below and get help with finding a group that works best for you! Scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out a form that will help us find a group for you.

How Does the CareGroup Season Work at Open Door?

At Open Door, the CareGroup Season kicks off in August. Groups begin meeting anytime in the month of August, and the season lasts until the following June (in the next year). We take a break in the month of July. This allows groups to conclude and start with a natural rhythm. In many ways, the CareGroup Season follows a typical year-round school pattern. Since commitment is such a vital part of CareGroup life, we ask everyone who joins a group to commit to that group until the end of the CareGroup Season (June). At that time, group members are free to explore other groups as they desire.

What does a CareGroup look like?

Typically a CareGroup is made up of 5-15 people meeting together in a home to study, pray, and serve one another. Many of our CareGroups are based around sermon discussion. They reflect on the previous Sunday’s sermon and discuss how they can apply that passage of scripture to their lives. And some groups do various other studies as well. The key focal point of our CareGroups is not so much what they are currently studying, but how they enjoy biblical community with one another. 

When and Where Do They Meet?

CareGroups meet in many locations! We have groups in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Youngsville and all around. Some groups meet weekly while other groups meet every other week. Some groups have separate meetings for men and women while other groups meet as couples. By filling out the form below, we can help you find a group that best fits with your schedule and needs.

How Do CareGroups Handle Childcare?

CareGroups handle childcare in a variety of ways. We have a few CareGroups that don’t have childcare at all. These groups are made up mostly of adults without kids. For the other groups that do include children, there are 3 primary strategies: 1) some groups recruit a childcare worker to help with the kids, 2) some groups create a rotation of adult group members to watch the kids, 3) some groups design their schedule to minimize the need for childcare (e.g., only meeting once a month as whole families and other meetings are just men or women). 

How Can I Connect With a CareGroup?

There are two ways you can find a group. 1) You can visit the CareGroup Connection Board in the lobby outside the Open Door Worship Center. There you will find a map with numbers and cards that you can take with you. Those cards have contact info for groups that meet near where you live. 2) The other way you can find a group is by filling out the form below on this page. By doing so, someone from the Open Door Staff will reach out to you with options that match your preferences. We look forward to helping you get connected soon!

Can We Help You Find a Group?