About CareGroups

At Open Door Church, we desire to live out our faith together through authentic relationships. This desire comes from the New Testament as we see groups of believers coming together to be discipled and make disciples. The act of meeting together regularly pushes us to follow Jesus and become more like him. For this reason, we encourage all members at Open Door to be in a CareGroup.

CareGroups are the building blocks of Open Door and serve as the primary setting for members to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Through CareGroups we strengthen one another to believe the gospel as we respond to God’s Word, live the gospel in authentic relationships, share the gospel as we make disciples in our communities, and multiply the gospel as we help plant churches nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in joining a CareGroup email Kevin Jones.


What does a CareGroup look like?

Typically a CareGroup is made up of 5-15 people meeting together in a home to study, pray, and serve one another. Most CareGroups are based around sermon discussion. They reflect on the previous Sunday’s sermon and discuss how they can apply that passage of scripture to their lives.

Where And When Do They Meet?

CareGroups meet in many locations! We have groups in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Youngsville and all around. Some groups meet weekly while other groups meet every other week. Some groups have separate meetings for men and women while other groups meet as couples. The current meeting routines look a little different due to Covid. Most groups are currently meeting outside to allow for some spatial distancing, and some groups accommodate those who are immune-compromised through Zoom and other platforms. Contact Kevin Jones, our Minister of Community Life, to discuss your CareGroups needs.