International Fellowships

At Open Door Church, we desire to look like the community around us. We come from different cultural and social backgrounds, but through our relationship with Jesus Christ we are one family. We realize that people like to worship and fellowship in their own heart languages. Therefore, we have the following ministries that meet during the week for worship, fellowship, and Bible study in their heart languages. Then we come together on Sunday mornings to worship as one church. 

Chinese Fellowship

Open Door


查经聚会 每周六上午 9:30 - 11:00 (有茶点分享);  地点:教会205房间

主日崇拜 每周日上午11:00 - 12:15 (定期周日聚餐); 地点:教会205房间

联系人     金圣信;  919-760-5203 


Korean Fellowship


  • 주일 예배 (한국어 통역) - 주일 오전 9:30 
  • 한국어 제자 훈련 - 주일 오전 11 (사택)
  • 케어 그룹 (점심 제공) - 주일 오후 12 30 (미러룸)
  • 수요 기도회 (한국어) - 수요일 저녁 7 (유스룸)

Hispanic Fellowship

La comunidade hispana de nuestra iglesia tiene como misión amar a Dios y hacer Su evangelio conocido.

Servicio de Alabanza ( traduzido al Español )
Domingo, 11AM, Santuario

Estudio Bíblico
Miércoles, 7PM, salón 205